About our foodbank

Together we make a difference!

Hackney is the second most densely populated borough of London with a population of 275,900.  Hackney Foodbank was founded by local churches and community groups in 2012, working together towards stopping hunger in our local area.

Since opening, we’ve provided the ingredients for more than 100,000 meals to local people in financial crisis.  We are a voluntary organisation and rely on the dedication of our local community to keep going! We work with over 200 local partners and are supported by countless more community organisations through food donations and other means of support.

We are also a member of the Trussell Trust Foodbank Network, which enables us to access useful information, advice, and support to help us provide services that are most needed by some of the most vulnerable people in society.  At the same time we are an independently registered charity, meaning we are responsible for our own fundraising and do not receive direct funding from the Trussell Trust.

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