Phone to Food Project

27th July 2022

Phone To Food

Phone to Food is a collaboration between Hackney Foodbank and Face Donate, which presents an opportunity to revolutionise the way food banks support people.

Phone to Food makes it easier for people to access food and household items. Through this project, people who are referred to Hackney Foodbank may be given the option of a digital voucher, which can be redeemed via the Face Donate platform. Digital vouchers are funded through donations to Hackney Foodbank and offered by food bank staff where possible instead of traditional parcels.

People can then spend their digital voucher on a range of pre-approved items in local participating shops. Payment is discreet, and works just as any other contactless payment, offering the opportunity for people to purchase household items such as food, toiletries, and sanitary products through a normalised, convenient in-store experience.


To access Phone To Food

You will need a voucher from a Hackney Foodbank referral partner in the same way as if you were collecting a traditional food parcel. Where possible, you will be offered the option to redeem your voucher through the Face Donate platform. As this project is still being rolled out, this will not be possible for everyone at this stage. To find out more, you can contact the team here: [email protected]


To support Phone To Food

We are developing this project following a successful pilot and are really grateful for any donations, which will support us to roll this out to more people. If you would like to donate to Phone To Food, you can find out more by contacting the team here: [email protected]


To become a Phone To Food retailer

Hackney Foodbank and Face Donate want to offer as much choice as possible to local people who access the food bank.

Are you interested in helping your local community?

Help us to offer people a more equitable, dignified, and normalised experience by accepting Face Donate as a payment method at your shop. If you are interested in participating, please contact [email protected] for more information on how to become a retail partner.

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