Hackney Electricity and Gas Voucher Scheme

3rd March 2022

Hackney Council in partnership with East End Citizen Advice have adapted the support for residents through the gas and electricity voucher scheme by setting up a dedicated phone line and email address specifically for organisations to refer Hackney residents in need of help to pay for their energy bills over winter.

The scheme is open to residents with gas and/ or electric pre-payment meters i.e., a key or card that they physically put into their meter after topping up.

A maximum of three fuel vouchers is available per household and will be provided through East End Citizen Advice to families and individuals who are unable to pay their bills, as part of ongoing Council efforts to ensure that residents experiencing difficulties are able to heat their homes over the winter period.

Organisations supporting residents that are experiencing financial difficulties paying their energy bills should make a referral by contacting East End Citizen Advice on:

020 3855 5232

Monday to Friday

10am – 1pm

Or email [email protected] at any time with the appropriate contact details and a dedicated Advisor at East End Citizen Advice will respond accordingly.

Residents too can self-refer by using this phone number and email address.

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