Support from Daiwa at Hackney Foodbank

15th September 2021

This summer, Hackney Foodbank’s Lunch Club project which ran from 26 July – 3 September 2021 provided 1,500 children with a free packed lunch, 5 days a week over 6 weeks during the school summer holiday. We couldn’t have done this without the amazing generosity and support of organisations like Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Ltd, where their teams came to our warehouse and volunteered to make sandwiches and pack the lunches ready for distribution to children. The teams also helped out in the warehouse by sorting stock and making up emergency parcels for local people in crisis.

From Adam Rasmussen, Director of Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Ltd:

We are so eager to be a positive force in our local community. As such, we are glad to hear we’ve had a good impact on the ground, and we’re grateful to you for all the work you constantly do, and for giving us a window to do our small part.

Whilst numbers of our usual volunteers had reduced due to work commitments, the support of Daiwa’s team not only during the summer but throughout years of support has been invaluable to us. In May 2021, Daiwa sponsored our 5k fundraising walk event  in partnership with Hackney Council which saw around 50 residents and families of Hackney take part walked different routes around the borough whilst raising a amazing total of £9.5k for Hackney Foodbank! The money raised has helped us to continue the work to relieve food poverty in Hackney, help local people who are in crisis or trapped in poverty and connect them with local organisations to address the route causes of poverty in their lives.

From everyone at Hackney Foodbank, we want to give a huge thank you to the teams at Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Ltd for their ongoing support, especially during such a challenging and intense time. It has truly made a huge difference in our ability to continue providing crisis support to our community which has helped thousands of people in Hackney.

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