Support from The Little Wine Shop

19th March 2021

The Little Wine Shop opened in 2018, with the ambition to be a neighbourhood shop which sells good wine to the good people of Stoke Newington. Since then they have been building their business by establishing close relationships with their customers who are drawn from the local community. In December 2020, they donated a generous amount of £1500 to Hackney Foodbank!
From Sebastien Roach, Owner of The Little Wine Shop:
On our customers’ behalf, as well as our own, we’d like to channel some of the money made from sales to support people and organisations offering a truly essential service to people within the community for whom things are harder, particularly at this time of year, in any year, let alone this one. Hackney Food Bank is the first such organisation that sprang to mind, and it would be a pleasure and a privilege to make a donation.
From all of us at Hackney Foodbank, thank you so much for your kind donation. This donation has helped so many people in Hackney to find a way out of food poverty and we really appreciate your support!

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