Food donations to send us? Please hold on to them until the New Year!

17th December 2019

Due to the incredible response to our appeal for food donations, we now face the unprecedented task of having insufficient storage to hold it all!  We are truly overwhelmed by your generosity.

To help us address this challenge, if you have made a food collection but have not yet delivered it to us, please hold on to it until the New Year if you can.  We will gladly take it off your hands then, but for now, we need to organise storage for our current food donations.

These food stocks will go down over the next month or two, and we will soon run short of items yet again.   But the immediate challenge is storage.  Please help us below if you can.
Two months’ worth of warehouse storage will cost us approximately £500.  If you wish to donate towards this, please click on this link: 


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